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Our Home Services offers tried-and-true ideas on both buying a home and selling a home, as well as a list of Home Inspectors.


Remember: A home inspector is not a certified electrician, plumber or contractor. If you have further questions about a comment on your home inspection report, it would be your advantage to ask a professional of that trade.

  • Pillar To Post - Claire Lindsay: 403.502.4202
  • Gas City - Brian Stehr: 403.979.2856



When you are seriously thinking about buying a home it is important that you find yourself proper representation. Glyn Yuhas does more than just find people houses and investment properties, he assists you in every aspect of buying a home. There is no charge for this service. From start to finish - having proper representation and friendly helpful advice is priceless. If you have any questions, or wish to contact Glyn Yuhas for immediate assistance, call: (403) 527-1011

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If you're starting to think about selling your house I know that there are a number of questions that you need answers to. I understand that speaking with us may be just preliminary steps towards selling your home at a later date. That's okay. Planning a move is important. Often there are children, jobs, family or other issues that need addressing. I can help with your planning and be ready when you are. Glyn Yuhas has experience selling homes through out Medicine Hat and would be happy to meet with you to discuss your plans.

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